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Formentera welcomes Nuria Varela's 'feminism for beginners'

Nuria varela feminismo para principiantesThis Monday, the Formentera Council's Office of Social Welfare will host a presentation of Nuria Valera's book, Feminismo para principiantes. At the event, Valera will lead a discussion of contemporary feminism and the contradictions pervading our society's relationship with it.

An expert in feminism, Varela got her bachelor's in information technology, works as a writer and holds two master's degrees—one in interdisciplinary gender studies and another in gender and gender-equality policy. On her current trip to the island, Valera presents a freshly-minted comic-book version of Feminismo para principiantes (“Feminism for beginners”, TN), first published as an essay in 2008. In its current iteration, the book uses updated language and a heady dose of illustrations to take feminism to a broader audience.

To hear CiF social welfare secretary Vanessa Parellada tell it, the Formentera Council rejects the idea that “feminism is for women”. She contends that finding ways to apply feminist thought in society at large is “essential to making the world a better place”. Parellada also urges “progressives in power enable broad access to these ideas” and equates feminists' contributions with “public service”. As such, Parellada encouraged all islanders to come out for the event.

The discussion and book presentation are scheduled for next Monday, April 16 at 8.00pm in Biblioteca Marià Villangómez in Sant Francesc.

Included in the Diada de Sant Jordi activities programme, the event is supported by Institut Balear de la Dona and will be attended by that agency's director, Rosa Cursach.

Blai Bonet and family-friendly theatre crown first six-month phase of L'Illa a Escena 2018

Foto fila cordafil redux circ acrobatesThis weekend, Formentera's Office of Culture welcomes to the island the two stage shows which will close out the first half of L'Illa a Escena 2018.

Blai Bonet
Dedicated to Majorcan poet and artist Blai Bonet, this series —with its conference, stage production and documentary inspired by the artist's dramaturgical side— will be performed on all four of the Balearic Islands.

The inaugural event on Formentera takes place at 8.00pm on Friday, April 13 in the CiF culture department's Sala d'Actes. In an evening moderated by Joan Tomàs Martínez, a professor at ESADIB and doctor of performing arts from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, attendees will learn about Blai Bonet, the artist's poetic side, and just what secured his inclusion in the history books as an out and out genius.

At 8.30pm on Saturday, April 14, the cinema will again offer up its stage, this time for a performance of Oficis al carrer. As a primary school student in 1985, Bonet penned the short piece as a year-end assignment while attending the Col·legi Bisbe Verger.

Director Jeroni Obrador of Tshock Cultura Emocional has managed to reunite the original 1985 cast 33 years after the show's première. For further insight into Bonet as a playwright, audience members can stick around after the show for a screening of the documentary El teatre de Blai Bonet.

The evening is all-ages appropriate and free to attend. Attendees will come away with a complementary DVD.

Family-friendly theatre
On Sunday, April 15, bring the whole family for a production that spans theatre, dance and circus. In Minorcan troupe s'Espai de Circ's El Viatge d'en Filo Cordafil, Filo and his stringy friends invite us on a journey packed with humour and fantasy, where all manner of objects transmogrify into improbable characters and draw us deeper and deeper into Filo's imagination.

Scheduled for 5.00pm on Sunday in the cinema (Sala de Cultura), the 55-minute show costs €3. Tickets are available at the box office the day of the function.

Soria film fest arrives on Formentera

Cartell cine a los 4 vientosWednesday through Friday, la Mola's Casa del Poble will host screenings of some of the top-ranking short films from the city of Soria's international festival of short films. Over three days, film fans will be treated to 32 productions from Formentera, mainland Spain and further afield.

This is the second time films from the Soria festival can be seen locally as part of Cine a los 4 vientos. The project isn't just about pushing the short-film format and creating new markets by showing the most-acclaimed works from last year's Certamen Internacional de Soria in a host of countries, festivals and towns, it represents an effort to promote the Soria film fest itself.

Screenings will be held at the Casa del Poble on Wednesday the 11th, Thursday the 12th and Friday the 13th from 8.30pm in twice-daily 45-minute sessions. On the final day, the programme will feature filmmaker Pilar Aldea's tribute to Miguel Angel Moreno “Tranquilito” and an 11.00pm jam session in Can Toni.

The evening screenings, which are organised by Espai F with help from Formentera Film, Can Toni and the Council, will also be attended by festival director Javier Muñiz.

In survey, Formentera's musicians in training give two cents on adding new course

violoncelThe Formentera Council reports that the conservatory of music of Eivissa-Formentera is undertaking a survey to gauge demand in view of adding a new specialty field of study at the conservatory's IES Marc Ferrer extension site.

Citing the possibility feedback is used to secure either an extension of the conservatory's professional curriculum or the addition of a new course altogether, conservatory staff are encouraging all students to participate.

The survey can be found at this link

The IES Marc Ferrer site of the conservatory has 40 students and offers instruction in piano, guitar, flute and violin.

The deadline for participation is May 1. A request for the new specialty will be made once all the data has been collected.

Diada de Sant Jordi activities hit Formentera as spring gets rolling

Jeroni obradorThe island's Office of Culture presents the month-long calendar of activities marking this year's Sant Jordi holiday. CiF culture secretary Susana Labrador said the 2018 programme is about “making sure islanders of all stripes —adults, teens and young children— can enjoy a tradition- and culture-packed event”.

First on the bill, on Tuesday, April 3, is a chat led by Isidor Marí about the newest generation of Formentera residents (formenterers, in Catalan). Organised by the local chapter of Obra Cultural Balear (OCB), the event kicks off at 8.00pm in Biblioteca Marià Villangómez.

Activities for kids and teens
Sunday, April 15, the youth-friendly portion of the programme gets under way with El viatge d'en Filo Cordafil, a production by Minorcan theatre troupe s'Espai de Circ. Recommended for children six and up, the 5.30pm show takes place in the cinema (Sala de Cultura).

Friday, April 20, local youngsters get an updated take on an old tradition when the Casal de Joves hosts a henna workshop on crafting Sant Jordi roses in henna.

Thursday, April 24, the Marià Villangómez library welcomes Àngels Martínez Corderas for a storytelling session and post-op workshop entitled Contes i Llegendes de Formentera.

Book talks
Monday, April 16, is islanders' chance to learn about “feminism for beginners”. That is the title of a discussion led by gender-violence expert, journalist and professor of law and social sciences Núria Varela. The work represents Varela's effort to take feminism to mainstream audiences by articulating the story and spirit the movement offers society. The event, including a presentation from 8.00pm and discussion to follow, takes place in the Marià Villangómez library with support from IBDona and Espai Dones.

Tuesday, April 17, organisers are teeing up an event to mark the re-edition of a collection of Formentera's most traditional recipes. Artur Portes and Vicent Ferrer are not only La cuina de Formentera's authors; they are also the hosts of the evening. The event takes place in the Marià Villangómez library at 8.00pm.

On Wednesday, April 18, locals have another launch to look forward to. Días Oscuros, a comic book based on an eponymous novel by Ibizan author Lluís Ferrer, tells of true events on Eivissa during World War II.

On Wednesday, April 25, OCB is staging yet another book presentation. Terra endins, mar enllà was written by Marià Torres. The evening, hosted by Maria Teresa Ferrer and Ramon Mayol, takes place at Biblioteca Marià Villangómez at 8.00pm.

Thursday, April 26, Formentera's youngest get the skinny on a compilation of hometown nursery rhymes. Pere Morell's Rondalles de Formentera will be presented by Maria Teresa Ferrer at 8.00pm in Biblioteca Marià Villangómez.

The last of the book talks comes Monday, April 30, as the library presents Randa magazine's 79th issue, dedicated to Formentera. Among the event's presenters are Esperança Marí and Isidor Torres.

Some of the featured publications receive support from the Formentera Council, part of the administration's commitment to local history and culture.

At 8.00pm on Saturday, April 7 in Centre Gabrielet, the OCB underwrites a concert by singer-composer Cecilia Giménez. The artists presents her latest effort, Romeo, a varied collection that spans generations and traditions, buttressed by an assortment of language and style, and the profoundness of the feeling it embodies.

The centrepiece Sant Jordi concert kicks off at 5.30pm on Saturday, April 21, when onlookers at Sant Francesc's plaça de la Constitució are treated to a performance by the youth bands of Eivissa, Sant Marcel·lí de València and Formentera parishes.

Then, at 8.00pm, the crowd at jardí de ses Eres will see Majorcan singer-songwriter and former Antònia Font composer Joan Miquel Oliver present Atlantis, a continuation of the exploratory jaunt through estètica electrònica the artist began on his last effort, Pegasus.

Then on Friday, April 27, Espai Frumentària presents Voiciello. Singer Carme Garí and cellist/composer Gabriel Fiol's joint production of Una veu, un violoncel, un món de sensacions, is part show part journey across a musical universe dominated by classical melodies. The 8.30pm performance happens in la Mola's Casa del Poble.

Sant Jordi day
The morning of the big day, Monday, April 23, book lovers in Sant Francesc's plaça de la Constitució will get the chance to browse books either retired from the shelves of the island's libraries or donated by other cultural groups on Formentera. Trades of second-hand books will also be accepted.

At 5.30pm in the cinema (Sala de Cultura), winners will be announced in two contests that turn 19 this year: the Antoni Tur “Gabrielet” bookmark contest and the young writers' competition in honour of Robert Lewis Baldon. The contests, said Secretary Labrador, aim to encourage Formentera's young people to read and write. In view of the designation of 2018 as European Year of Cultural Heritage, this year's participants were asked to write about “Formentera and its cultural heritage”. Entertainment at the awards show will be handled by Impro Ibiza.

Blai Bonet
On Friday, April 13, at 8.00pm, the Council's cultural arm presents “El teatre de Blai Bonet”, an evening devoted to the writer/poet/playwright from Mallorca. The conference will be moderated by Joan Tomàs Martínez, a professor at ESADIB and Doctor of Performing Arts at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Saturday the 14th is a day for the all-ages theatre of Oficis al carrer. In this exploration of the dramaturgical, artistic side of Blai Bonet, troupe Tshock Cultural Emocional reassemble the original cast of actors for whom the playwright penned the work forty years ago. Immediately after, attendees see a screening of the documentary biopic El teatre de Blai Bonet. At the end of the evening, spectators will receive a DVD, compliments of the Govern balear.

'Caminada popular'
On Saturday, April 28, Sant Jordi celebrations come to a close, with an OCB-run community walk with Andreu Ferrer and Santi Colomar. The start is at 10.00am in Sant Francesc's plaça de la Constitució.

The preceding activities are organised by the CiF culture department and local libraries, the school of music and dance and the island's youth centre, el Casal de Joves. Formentera's early-learning and primary schools are also closely involved, as well as other groups like the OCB's Formentera branch, Espai F_, Ràdio Illa and the Institut d'Estudis Baleàrics. Their support is greatly appreciated.

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