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Formentera convoca els veïns de Sant Ferran per parlar de les obres de reforma de l'avinguda Joan Castelló i Guasch

cartell reunio veins st ferran1El Consell Insular de Formentera, a través de l’àrea d’Infraestructures, convoca als veïns de Sant Ferran a una reunió explicativa de les obres de reforma de l'avinguda Joan Castelló i Guasch davant el proper inici de les obres. La reunió es farà el proper dimarts 18 de desembre a partir de les 20.00 hores al Centre Social i de Majors de Sant Ferran.

La reforma del vial va ser exposada prèviament a una reunió l'any 2017, trobada en que es va presentar un llibret amb el full de ruta per la població. La reunió del proper dimarts es centrarà en explicar com es realitzarà la reforma de l’avinguda.

Reforma de l’avinguda Joan Castelló i Guasch de Sant Ferran

El Projecte de reforma de l’avinguda Joan Castelló i Guasch contempla la millora tant de la pavimentació en superfície dels diferents espais, com de serveis soterrats; sanejament, aigua potable, telefonia, llum i enllumenat públic.

El conseller d’Infraestructures, Rafael González, ha detallat que les reformes a aplicar a l’avinguda Joan Castelló i Guasch seguiran el mateix criteri que les obres ja executades l’hivern passat als carrers Guillem de Montgrí i València: “vam eliminar totes les barreres arquitectòniques, es va fer una ampliació de les voreres i s’ha regulat l’aparcament. Ara, el que farem amb aquesta nova obra serà donar continuïtat a aquestes millores perquè tot el poble gaudeixi des les mateixes condicions”. La proposta preveu també la incorporació d’un carril bici segregat en tota la travessia, així com la col·locació de punts de càrrega per a vehicles elèctrics.

Les obres es duran a terme en dues fases aquest hivern i el proper. El termini d’execució de les obres d’aquesta primera fase serà de 4 mesos per garantir que les mateixes estiguin finalitzades per a l’inici de la temporada turística de 2019.

El seu pressupost íntegre de les obres és de 1.858.000€ incloent tant la seva execució com la direcció de les mateixes.

Formentera's Justice of the Peace unveils new look

foto jutjat de pau 2The Formentera Council announces that this week marks the christening of the local Justice of the Peace's new office space at 120 baixos, carrer Pla de Rei, next to the post office.

Islanders can take care of all the same proceedings at the new space, like settlements, handling of notices, citations, requisitions and summons, not to mention delegating specific tasks to third partiers, as in the cases of letters rogatory from other courts or tribunals in civil and penal cases.

For communications needs, a video-conferencing service is also available, particularly for investigators and witnesses involved in cases with other Spanish courts. Office staff also provide relevant forms and consulting on the range of formalities relating to courts and the Spanish ministry of justice.

The office also serves as a Civil Registry for births, marriages, deaths or other events; processing of marriage requests; civil-union ceremonies; formalities required for births not registered during the established time period; transfers of birth and marriage certificates; information updates; name changes; delivery of proofs of identity and civil status, etc.

Formentera's Justice of the Peace (Jutjat de la Pau) opens from 9.00am to 1.30pm, with additional hours available as necessary. An on-site procedural consultant is empowered to act as a law clerk for the court of justice, a justice of the peace, and a substitute justice for public hearings which require the presence and imprimatur of such an individual.

Recourse to the justice of peace is not only fast and free of charge, using it often allows individuals to forego the drawn-out and exorbitant procedures typical of other courts of law, such as by reaching amicable agreements for small claims.

Formentera prepares Es Ca Marí sewage grid projects

Foto Ca MariThe Formentera Council's infrastructure department conferred drafting of a drainage project at Es Ca Marí that would involve a network of drainage pipes and connections to individual households plus pumps linking properties with the Abaqua station. The €12,000 project was awarded to Gradual Ingenieros.

Abaqua, too, are now preparing a project involving waste water removal on Es Ca Marí's secondary network (or xarxa en alta—as opposed to “primary”, en baixa), and a study is in the works that could see creation of a pump station to accommodate the primary grid, which is administered by the local government. Es Ca Marí, zoned for some two thousand units of tourist-use lodgings, is classed as urban land under island regulations.

As Infrastructure secretary Rafael González observed, “this is a tourist area which has needed sanitation for some time”. González said his department awarded the project as soon as Abaqua assured them the island's treatment plant could handle connection with Es Ca Marí.

Once the first draft is complete, the Council will call a meeting with area residents to share details and encourage comments.

Swimming pool and vehicle inspection service reopen Monday

foto itv-formenteraThe Formentera Council's infrastructure office announces that this Monday workers of the municipal swimming pool and the island's roadworthiness testing bureau, or ITV, will return to work after a break that made it possible for municipal crews and outside firms to attend to a range of upgrades.

Vehicle inspections
The ITV will open on Monday as they begin responding to appointment scheduling requests. The garage will resume functions Tuesday. Opening hours are Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 2.00pm. The service can also be reached by phone at 971 32 31 30 and email, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

During the office's month-long summer holiday, on-site machinery was subject to thorough checks and the entire facility to a deep clean. Repairs were also performed on the building's roof.

The municipal pool will resume normal operations on Monday (weekdays 7.45am to 10.30pm and Saturdays 9.00am to 2.00pm). Swimming for people with reduced mobility, therapeutic swimming and fibromyalgia, courses for advanced swimmers, swimming for mothers-to-be, swimming for newborns, Aquafitness, open swim and other activities are available.

Work last week involved adding a fresh coat of paint to changing rooms and hallways, replacing hallway ventilators, creating a common area in the hallway with electric sockets and a mirror, placing joints across the pool deck, checking the skimmers of the large and small pools, removing rust and painting the inner-facing metal casing of glass doors, soldering a bar on an outside handrail and performing checks of the emergency doors.

Crews also mounted a new shutter system (€5,410.67, tax included) in the outdoor area of the pool and, for €19,420.89 total, made the services and women's and men's changing areas accessible for individuals with reduced mobility.

Time for holidays, maintenance as Formentera's vehicle inspection service takes annual leave

foto-itv-formentera1The Formentera Council announces that the island's vehicle inspection service (ITV) will cease operations for the month from August 15 to September 15. The break means time off for staff and a chance to take care of certain maintenance around the facility. Employees alternated morning and afternoon shifts from April to July, leaving the service without a single name on its wait list as employees prepare to clock off for the holidays.

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