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Formentera, fitness destination

foto aferrer 2018 fitur 1Tourism councillor Alejandra Ferrer stood before representatives of trade media outlets today midday at Madrid's International Tourism Trade Fair (FITUR) to talk about Formentera's qualities as a destination for sport. The gathering was part of the Formentera Council's promotional efforts at the country's leading travel expo, which continues until Sunday.

The moment served to spotlight the island's 2019 calendar of sporting events, not to mention spread the gospel about what Ferrer called “the backdrop of nature, scenery, culture and gastronomy awaiting athletes of all sorts who opt to make their fitness pursuits the opportunity for a visit to the island”.

Ferrer underscored sporting events like the half-marathon (Mitja Marató), Formentera All Round Trail, Formentera to Run, Marnaton, mountain bikers' Volta a Formentera and the island's triathlon. She said recent years have seen Formentera become a destination for fitness aficionados and highlighted “the stress event organisers place on protecting the environment and using natural resources without depleting them, one reason local gatherings always have a cap on attendance”.

Travel discounts
The Council spokeswoman also presented, together with the fitness event organisers of Unisport Consulting and transport company Trasmediterránea, a deal to improve travel options to the island for individuals coming from mainland Spain and Palma to join events like the half-marathon, the Volta and the triathlon.

To that end, Trasmediterránea offers athletes discounted tickets on journeys to the islands from Palma, Barcelona, Valencia and Gandia. Athletes can also bring their gear (bicycle included) for free.

The councillor hailed the deal, which she said was about “making it easier for sports lovers to get to the island and to get here with their own equipment, too”. Ferrer also drew attention to the discounts and bonuses that local businesses offer as part of the “Discover Formentera” pushes in May and October.

Chamber of commerce offers 13 courses covering languages, tech, staffing and more

foto-cursos-cambra-comerc---31Formentera's chamber of commerce has announced that from February to April it will host 13 courses with support from the Formentera Council, which will pick up a quarter of the cost as per the terms of a €7,000 partnership deal.

The catalogue runs the gamut from Italian classes to training in everything from new tech, taxes, accounting, leadership, staff selection, hotel management and workplace risk reduction.

Tourism and trade councillor Alejandra Ferrer praised the heads of the chamber for their efforts putting together the programming, which she called “crucial to filling out our selection of continuing education opportunities in the winter”.

For more information and to sign up, contact the Cambra de Comerç in Sant Francesc (avinguda 8 d'Agost, 6) or call 971 322 061.

Gastronomy, heritage sites and nature stars of Formentera's show at FITUR

foto-fitur-2019CiF president Jaume Ferrer, tourism councillor Alejandra Ferrer and chief of tourism promotions Carlos Bernús attended the opening event today of Madrid's International Tourism Trade Fair, or FITUR, which runs Wednesday to Sunday (January 23-27).

In a dedicated section within the Balearic Islands' stand at the fair, Formentera will share promotional material related to gastronomy, local heritage and natural spaces, making special mention of “all Formentera has to offer after the rush of the high season”.

New features
Councillor Ferrer will meet with representatives of niche media outlets tomorrow to present some of the pioneering features of Formentera's 2019 effort to attract visitors. Among them is a brand-new tourism website and Formentera 365, an app Ferrer said is aimed at “promoting the local businesses that open more winter months”.

Formentera will also talk to the journalists about a new book on homespun gastronomy called “Sabors de Formentera. Receptes tradicionals d'una illa singular” and trailblazing plans for guided tours on local heritage sites and birdwatching in 2019.

As ever, Formentera's representatives at the fair will talk about nature trails and unveil the 2019 calendar of cultural and sporting events, not to mention dedicate air time to the “Discover Formentera” campaigns of May and October. Another presentation on Friday January 25 will focus exclusively on activities for fans of fitness.

“It will all be tied in”, explained Ferrer, “to Formentera's eternal message for tourists about the importance of striking a balance between tourism and local environmental sustainability”.

Formentera woos Dutch travellers

foto-feria-holandaThe Formentera Council's tourism department reports that from Wednesday to Sunday (January 10-13), island representatives will be at the Vakantiebeurs travel expo in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Tourism councillor Alejandra Ferrer explained the island has a dedicated stand at the trade fair and a Dutch guide “to share the message of the wonders of our island, not just in summer, but during low-season months as well”. A presentation was given to representatives of more than forty specialised media outlets.

“Dutch tourism is immensely important for Formentera”, said Ferrer, “and together with their French counterparts, travellers from the Netherlands are increasingly picking the island as a destination”. She described the typical profile of Dutch travellers as loyal and respectful of the environment.

Ferrer pointed out the direct flights that run between Utrecht and Eivissa and that, with the hand-off on tourism authority already a done deal, Formentera was able to pay for its own stand at the expo.

Honours given as Formentera's Christmas window dressing competition turns twelve

foto 2018 aparadorisme nadal 3At noon today representatives of the Formentera Council and the local chamber of commerce handed out prizes for the twelfth Concurs d'Aparadorisme Nadalenc, or “Christmas Window Dressing Contest”. CiF trade councillor Alejandra Ferrer and chamber of commerce spokeswoman Lina Tur visited the winning establishments to deliver the honours.

This year's winning contestants were Sant Ferran's Casa Ortega, which scored a €225 first prize and an honorary plaque, Sant Francesc's Papereria Tur Ferrer (a stationary store) came away with the €150 second prize and plaque, and Parafarmàcia Gomà Roca in Sant Francesc was honoured with the €75 third prize and plaque.  

The contest is put on jointly by the administration and chamber of commerce as a way to promote a festive holiday spirit across local businesses. This year roughly fourteen shops took part.

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