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Areas Urbanism & territory, Tourism and Economic activities Tourism planning and Economic activities Formentera touts environmental safeguards at ITB Berlin's Pow-Wow space

Formentera touts environmental safeguards at ITB Berlin's Pow-Wow space

Foto presentacio itb berlin 2018Formentera's Office of Tourism reports the island will be represented at ITB, a travel expo scheduled to kick off this Sunday, March 11, in Berlin. Promotion of the island will take place in a shared stand under the aegis of the Agència Balear de Turisme.

The trade show will once again be a chance for Formentera to show the world its cultural heritage and natural spaces. With special 3D goggles and an array of 360º VR videos, visitors to the expo will be able to see some of the island's most treasured landmarks and landscapes.

The island's catalogue of increasingly popular fitness and cultural events will be on display as well in an effort to attract visitors before and after the traditional high season.

In light of the UN's designation of 2018 as a year for cultural heritage, island reps will tout freshly minted literature on the topic.

This year in addition to the CiF and ATB's joint presentation at the Balearic Islands' stand, Formentera was selected by ITB management to be included in the expo's Pow-Wow space for professionals of responsible tourism. Scheduled to take place at 3.00pm tomorrow in pavilion 4.1.b, that presentation will showcase information about local action in favour of sustainability and land protections.



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